HOUSE OF SAKU is a home filled with candlelight that provides much more than just a warm flame. This house was built on the desire to fill our homes not just with candles, but with sculptural art that enriches and elevates our personal spaces. Every time they burn, our candles weave ever-changing works of art. As their walls grow thin they melt away into your soul, creating works of art that stay with you.


We craft our HOUSE OF SAKU candles by hand in European Union, Lithuania. We ship in US from our fulfilment centre in Illinois. We do not use any mechanical processes, so each hand-made candle hides unique and natural patterns within.

Every candle is infused with the love and care we show it at each step of the crafting process. We have the deepest respect for our clients because it is your high expectations and desires that inspire us to continue refining our craft. Thanks to you, we can remain flexible and search for new and exciting ways to improve our work. The structure of our organization is built on mutual respect, dignity and openness. We create products that reflect the people who enjoy them and fill our clients with wonder, joy and beauty. 


The condition of our planet, the welfare of our clients and everyone on earth, and the preservation of our environment are key priorities in our operation. As consumption grows at an unsustainable rate, HOUSE OF SAKU is proud to be able to offer completely natural products that contain 0% parabens, 0% paraffin, 100% ecological cotton wicks, 100% natural wax, and 0% essential oils or alcohol-based aromas. This means that our candles produce no harmful emissions when they burn. We only produce candles that we also want to burn in our own homes.

We only use recycled paper in our packaging, which means that both we and our clients can help support responsible recycling.

From before history began, people have been gathering around fires. That’s why we believe that the natural flickering of our candles’ flames can become a priceless form of meditation that brings peace both to your surroundings and your soul.

With warm wishes,

The House of SAKU team